Greenwich Village: The Best Restaurant for Couples

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A stroll through Greenwich Village and dinner at a couples-friendly restaurant is the recipe for a beautiful evening for New York couples. If you are looking for spots where you and your partner can sit back, relax and revel in each other’s company, you will find many delightful choices.

The beautiful, romantic and historically rich Greenwich Village is brimming with eateries that cater to those who want to enjoy good food and each other’s company Read the rest of this entry »

Save on Home Energy Costs in NYC

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The monthly costs and expenses needed to cover your electricity bill can be putting far greater strain on your finances than you may realize. Doing what you can to practice more effective conservation habits and investing in power-savings devices and appliances may not be the only way that you can trim your monthly expenses. Third-party sites and services, such as, that may be able to provide you with more accurate information and comparisons between service and utility providers can allow you to switch to more cost-effective options, often saving you far more than you may have thought possible.

Conducting a detailed comparison between two or more providers can require extensive research efforts for those who may not have a better way to seek out and find rate information and pricing. Utilizing a site that aggregates such information for you can save you a great deal of legwork and ensure that you will not lack for the insight and details needed to select a better utility service. Reducing your household and expenses can be as easy as switching providers for those who have access to the latest information and most accurate pricing details to base their decisions upon.

Failing to consider the potential value and savings that the right service may be able to offer you could end up costing you much more than you might realize. Even minor differences in your monthly bills can result in significant annual savings and, when combined with your other efforts to reduce costs, will provide you with the chance to enjoy a far more affordable lifestyle without having to make undue sacrifices within your household. Working with the best utility providers on the market is never a concern that home and property owners may be able to overlook.

Learning what you need in order to make smarter and more effective decisions with regard to your household electric provider can make all the difference. Consumers who are able to make use of the most helpful information, conduct shorter and more effective research into this matter and who have access to the insight needed to make only the best decisions can enjoy considerable advantage. Saving money on your household expenses and utility bills can be a simple matter when you know more about where to find a better deal on the service and rates you have to choose from.

Where to Buy Premium Coffee in Greenwich Village

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Where to Buy Premium Coffee in Greenwich Village

How To Find The Best Coffee In Greenwich Village
There is no greater feeling than finding a great cup of coffee. However, this experience may take years in New York City. So much of the mass produced coffee around New York is mediocre and not very good. In fact, most conventional places like Dunkin’ Donuts and convenient stores have terrible coffee. By contrast, you can find delicious and affordable coffee right around the corner of your Greenwich Village apartment.

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Finding Grocery Stores in Greenwich Village

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If you have recently moved to Greenwich Village, you realize it is not like anywhere else in the world. There are many unique shops and restaurants that are a part of Greenwich Village. You can spend many enjoyable hours wondering through the neighborhood and discovering new treasures.
After you move into your new place, it will not be long before you need groceries. There are a wide variety of grocery stores in Greenwich Village that can meet your needs, and many of these locations will be within Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Places to Eat Chinese Food in Greenwich Village

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People that come to New York love the food selections because they know that the Big Apple has some of the best restaurants. This is what people have their mind on when they go to Manhattan. An individual can turn on a television and watch the cooking channel to see some evidence of this. There are lots of shows that have people lined up for an hour or more waiting on the great foods that are being served in these cities. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best New Bakeries in Greenwich Village

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There are many bakeries in Greenwich Village, New York but there are a few that top the rest. Offering goodies that not only are eye pleasing but delectably mouth-watering and unforgettable. These bakeries are a must visit for anyone visiting or living in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.

Pasticceria Bruno Bakery

Favorites in this bakery are endless, from marzipan to coconut macaroons and cannoli, and even fresh baked breads like Focaccia. The display Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Meet Up With Friends in Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village is a favorite gathering point during the week after a long day at work, on the weekend, or any time someone has to spare. With a flavor that is unique to this location, it draws people of all ages to the hotspots that are scattered throughout the community. Vol de Nuit is the perfect location when planning on a dinner gathering that could stretch on for hours. Caffe Reggio and the Grey Dog’s Coffee are wonderful spots for tea or coffee which can be for brunch or in the late afternoon when looking Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Get Drinks After Work in Greenwich Village

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After work happy hour is something most people look forward to after a long hard day of work. If you are looking for great places to get drinks after work in Greenwhich Village. Take a sneak peek at a few of these popular places, offering great drinks as well as great food.

Negril Village offers Caribbean southern soul food at a decent price. Not only can you get great entree’s but you can enjoy after work specials with happy hours prices.

The Strip House is a place with a Read the rest of this entry »

Finding New Hip Restaurants in Greenwich Village

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In a city like New York and a neighborhood like Greenwich Village it’s almost impossible not to find new and hip places to get dinner. One great restaurant is Plum Pizzeria and Bar, located on 2nd Ave between 9th and 10th street. It’s the perfect combination of a classic New York style pizzeria, a great Italian restaurant, and a class well-stocked bar. It’s open late, family friendly, and even delivers, so it is a great place to eat at for a wide-array of occasions. Another great Read the rest of this entry »

The Best New Cafes in Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village is a charming, trendy,jivey section of Manhatten known for good food, and entertainment with never a dull moment. When it comes to cafe, bistro, coffee shop, coffee bar, and coffee club, visitors are advised to watch what you ask for because they are definitely each different venues catering to different tastes and lifestyles.

Cafe Wha? focuses more on entertainment, alcoholic beverages and snacks than sit-down table service.. This establishment was the launching pad for entertainers such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendricks.

Bistro-style Soy Luck Club, true to Read the rest of this entry »